The St. Mary’s County Democratic Club is organized for action to help democrats win, and we have three very active committees working together to make this happen.

Voter Outreach Committee

The Voter Outreach Committee acts as a support system for Democratic candidates during the election season and helps to ensure polling place coverage on Election Day; they also work to increase voter registration and turnout as well as developing successful candidates. They are responsible for training, mock debates, and the Precinct Captains Program, which includes our Get Out The Vote efforts.

For more information or to get involved, contact Laura Hart at

Communications Committee

The Communications Committee focuses on building membership through advertising and outreach and—most importantly—by fostering engaging political conversation in our community. Primary instruments aimed at producing these desired outcomes are the club’s web site and social media presence, club newsletters, as well as traditional media and press releases. Other opportunities for delivering our concerns and message are public forums, radio talk shows, town halls, Board of County Commissioners and other community meetings.

Events Committee

The Events Committee plans engaging monthly meetings, ensuring a club presence at local events, and hosting events. This committee staffs our booths with members and ensures we have a presence at local events such as the County Fair, First Friday's, Earth Day, River Concert Series, and the Veterans’ Day parade. This committee plans the Democrat of the Year Dinner in coordination with the Club officers and Central Committee; proposes and plans other events and fundraisers; and seeks out guest speakers for specific meetings outside of regular meetings. Collaborating with other Democrats, keeping abreast of all local activism events, and coordinating activism with other groups are valued functions of this committee.

For more information or to get involved, contact: Heather Earhart

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