When the Charters of Freedom (Declaration of Independence, Constitution, and Bill of Rights) were written, our country was only beginning. These documents have survived for 250 years; however, we’ve changed our democracy over time to include better representation for all citizens. Today we’re in a burgeoning era of acceptance, freedom, and collaboration. When we connect our past ideologies with our present values, then we can succeed as a democratic people.

The Democratic Party over the years has donned many different names and focused on various ideas to suit the changing beliefs and values of its members. The combination of Franklin D. Roosevelt’s New Deal proposals in the 1930’s with the Civil Rights era of the 1960’s eventually gave the party its progressive and inclusionary brand. After the revolutionary political realignment caused by Nixon’s Southern Strategy, Democrats today do our best to be the party invested in helping the tired, the poor, the huddled masses yearning to breathe free.

Since its founding in 1827, the Maryland Democratic Party has remained the dominant party of the state, and Baltimore hosted many of the early Democratic National Conventions. Our platform is well summed up in this: “We champion the principles of equity, justice, and opportunity for all. Our party is dedicated to bringing Marylanders together and understands that united, we are stronger.”

The Maryland Democratic Party is governed by the State Central Committee of Maryland. The State Central Committee is organized by Officers, an Executive Committee of 24 political subdivisions, Diversity Leadership Councils, local Central Committees, and a small staff.

The Democratic Club of St. Mary’s County, separate from official party governance, has been in existence since 1972. Following the 2016 Presidential Election, the club has exponentially grown. Meetings that once met in the back room of a Leonardtown restaurant are now filling public meeting rooms at maximum capacities.