Democratic Central Committee

The Central Committee is an elected board under the authority of the Maryland Democratic Central Committee and, thus, the Maryland Constitution. The committee's formal roles are to fill vacancies of certain offices due to death or resignation of elected officials and to fill vacancies when no Democratic candidate has filed for nomination. The committee also makes recommendations to the Governor to fill openings on the St. Mary's County Board of Elections and, at times, recommendations for other state and county boards.

In addition, Central Committee members are the grass roots-level volunteers of the Maryland Democratic Party in the county. They work to ensure the election of Democrats to public office, while encouraging the participation of activists, volunteers and financial contributors. They organize an ongoing presence at the local level by fundraising, staffing booths/events, organizing precincts, participating in canvassing operations, distributing political literature, performing voter registration, phone banking, and promoting the Democratic party and candidates on websites and social media. Central Committee members must reach out and recruit volunteers to assist in many of these activities and tasks. The committee relies on volunteers from the Democratic Club to be successful.

The Democratic Central Committee meets on the third Monday of each month at 5:30 p.m. at the Lexington Park Volunteer Rescue Squad.

Democratic Central Committee Members Elected 2018

Democratic Central Committee Bylaws Amended 2018

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