Tuesday November 8th is Election Day! 

7:00 AM - 8:00 PM

2022 Gubernatorial General Election Information:

For more information on your voting location for Election Day please visit: 


Please remember to mail ballots in by November 8 or vote ON November 8!  If you know of anyone who needs a ride to the polls, please help them or email us at [email protected]

Help Needed on Election Day!

We are looking for volunteers to staff our informational tables on Election Day, Tuesday November 8th.  

Please visit for more information and to sign up:



For a listing of candidates who will appear on the ballot for the General Election, please visit: 



We need a BIG FINAL PUSH in terms of knocking on doors and calling to get people out to vote! Lots of times available! Many sign ups are available the day before Election Day 11/7

TEAM CROSBY (29B) - Door knocking and phone banking - SIGN UP HERE.  Dates and times in the link. 

TEAM BATES (29C) - Door knocking, every day except Wed 4-7pm - contact Bill Bates at 301-481-7538 or [email protected] or Rose Frederick at 301-481-2476 to sign up and get meet up up location.

If you'd like to deliver candidate literature to neighborhoods whenever is convenient for you, send us an email at [email protected] and we will get you set up with the materials and a list of addresses!

Question 4

This year, marijuana legalization is on the ballot as Question 4 in Maryland.  According to a recent Washington Post article, 73% of  Maryland voters favor legalizing “the use of cannabis” for people 21 and older. President Joe Biden's recent move to pardon and reclassify marijuana is on track with how a majority of Americans feel about this subject.

The St. Mary's County Democratic Central Committee endorses Ballot Question 4, legalizing the use and possession of cannabis (marijuana) in Maryland by anyone 21 years and older.

Recent Happenings

Speaker Adrienne Jones visiting October 27th at  BDVFD’s early voting center


Thank you to St. Mary's County NAACP 7025 for sponsoring the Souls to the Polls event on Sunday October 30!


Aruna Miller visited St. Mary's County on October 16th. She met with Democratic leaders and candidates, helped kickoff a canvass for Brian Crosby, planted a tree with Southern Maryland Sierra Club, and then visited the US Oyster Festival in St. Mary's County


St. Mary's Democrats tabled at the Pride Festival on 10/9 in Lexington Park


The Skipjack Circle

 One of the easiest ways you can help to sustain the St. Mary's County Democratic Party and directly support Democratic Candidates is to join our recurring donor program, Skipjack Circle. 

Members have already enjoyed exclusive benefits over the past year (read more here: https://www.stmarysdemocrats.org/skipjack_circle)–so don’t miss out! One of the perks for donors at the Potomac and Chesapeake Levels are tickets to the annual Skipjack Gala.


Democratic Club

The next meeting Democratic Club Meeting will be held Monday Nov 21  at 7 pm via Zoom.  We are accepting nominations for Secretary, 1st and 2nd Vice Presidents of the Club - please contact Caroline King or Karl Pence if interested at  [email protected]


Volunteer Ballot Observers Needed! We’d love some volunteers to observe the counting of the ballots at the Board of Elections building in Leonardtown on Nov 10, Nov 16 and Nov 18 starting at 10 am.  Contact [email protected]  if you can help out


Watch Party!

Please join us for an Election night watch party!  Tuesday November 8th from 8:00 pm - 11:00 pm at the Inn at Leonardtown. Beer, Wine and Appetizers! 45$ per person. Free for Skipjack Circle Members. 

RSVP at: https://secure.actblue.com/donate/electionnightsmc


Veterans Day Parade November 11 - We hope everyone will come out to walk with us in the parade in Leonardtown on Nov 11.  Meet at Ryken at 8:30 am to decorate the float!  Parade starts at 10:00 am. 

Thank you for your support!

You may now pay your dues online. Annual dues are $25 for an individual and $35 for a family. To join, renew, or make a donation to the club online, please visit the St. Mary’s Democratic Club Paypal [https://www.paypal.com/paypalme/stmarysdemclub] .

When paying, please include your email address and indicate whether you are a new or renewing member.

You can also mail a check to:

St. Mary’s County Democratic Club

PO BOX 631 Leonardtown, MD 20650

I Am St. Mary's


SKIPJACK November 2022




ATTENTION‼️ The emails and Facebook postings from #IAMSTMARYS will be more frequent as campaign and GOTV activity increases. We’ll do our best to get the information out to you (and please forward it to your family and friends). We want you to know what’s going on and where you can lend your time, energy, and support. 

Contact us via [email protected] if you are interested in getting our emails, for more information, or interested in joining the Democratic Women of St. Mary’s.

Please be sure to have [email protected] in your contacts so you’ll see our emails. 


St. Mary’s County Domestic Violence Crisis Number



Official Statement from our candidates regrading a recent statement published in the County Times Newspaper: 

Unlike The County Times and Tommy McKay, we believe in America. We believe in our political system. We believe in our legal system. While there are problems and no system is perfect, Democracy is the best system we have. We are running for office to make changes in order to create a more perfect Union. Most importantly, we believe in the American people.
The statement printed by The County Times on the front page of their “Voters Guide” on October 27 is nothing more than a nonsensical rant. To endorse candidates after stating mistrust of the entire political and legal system is ludicrous. If you don’t believe in the system, why endorse anyone at all? Building on that lunacy, The County Times stated it doesn’t even care about the candidates it endorsed– only that they belong to the Republican party.
The entire rant is incoherent. To insinuate that public schools should incorporate a specific religion is absurd, especially given that St. Mary’s County is the birthplace of religious freedom. For the last 12 years, the majority of the county’s representation has been Republican. If things are so bad right now, why should we elect more of the same?
Our residents work hard and care about their families, friends, and communities. St. Mary’s Countians help build one another up, not tear each other down.
St. Mary’s County deserves better. We don’t deserve false statements or poorly researched endorsements.
Engaging in this type of incendiary rhetoric has ripped at the seams of our national discourse. We cannot afford, and will not accept, that disease infecting St. Mary’s County.
It is reprehensible for a publication that calls itself a newspaper to print such a statement. The truth is now clear: The County Times is not a trustworthy news source and should be considered nothing more than a glorified tabloid.
St. Mary’s, YOU deserve better, and you should expect more.
With Integrity,
Brian Crosby
Brandon Russell - Commissioner Candidate
Steve Tuttle - County Commissioner Candidate
Sheila Milburn for County Commissioner, District 1
Bill Bates

Reminders for Election Day 11/8:

On the week of 10/3, we received notification from the Maryland Board of Elections that the Democratic candidate for Commissioner President, Natalie Weech, is disqualified from holding the office because she does not meet the five-year residency requirement. Natalie has lived in St. Mary’s County for three years. Unfortunately, Natalie was not aware of the residency requirement when she filed. Even though she provided residency information to the St. Mary’s County Board of Elections at the time of filing, the local board did not notify Natalie of the requirement or challenge her candidacy.

As Natalie stated last week, she only recently discovered the residency requirement when she was researching the County code to determine if there was any conflict with her accepting a job with St. Mary’s County Public Schools. She immediately notified the St. Mary’s County Board of Elections. The Board investigated the issue and explained to her that because no one had challenged her candidacy and the ballots had already been certified, she could continue her candidacy.
However, the Maryland Board of Elections later determined that Natalie was indeed disqualified from holding the office. Natalie conferred with the state board and agreed that she was disqualified. Although it is too late for her to withdraw and her name will appear on the ballot, she has suspended her campaign for Commissioner President.
It is unfortunate that the Board of Elections did not catch this mistake sooner. If the board had, another Democratic candidate may have filed or the Democratic party may have had the opportunity to nominate another candidate. We hope this situation will lead to reform so that similar issues do not occur in the future.
Caroline King


Change that matters. By authority St. Mary’s County Democratic Central Committee; Kaitlin Fraer, Treasurer