From Stephanie Hansen pulls off a major victory for the Democrats to maintain control of the state legislature. Up next is the congressional race for Jon Ossoff to replace the seat vacated by Tom Price. If you are interested in helping out head over to Jon Ossoff's website for details.


From Delaware Online:

"This was the first swing election in the country since the inauguration. It was the first chance for voters to rise up with one voice to say we’re bigger than the bullies," Hansen said during her victory speech at the Odessa Fire Company. "It was the first chance for voters to declare with one loud voice that we’re better than the politics of fear and division. What we accomplished together will have implications for our entire state and country, and I think tonight they’re hearing us loud and clear in all corners of this country – and certainly in D.C. and in Dover."

The picture perfect weather and heavy spending in the race between Hansen, Republican John Marino and Libertarian Joseph D. Lansendorfer helped draw a higher than typical special election crowd. Temperatures reached into the mid- to upper 70s in most of the state, until about 4:30 p.m. when a thunderstorm swept through the region.

As of 5 p.m., 11,203 votes were cast – 31.37 percent of registered voters, said Anthony J. Albence, director of the New Castle County Department of Elections. There are 35,673 registered voters in the district.

"That's a pretty good turnout," he said.

Thanks to donations from all over America, Hansen's campaign was able to spend more than $251,525, and an allied political action committee, First State Strong, dropped another $497,482, according to the Department of Elections.

That's a total of $749,008 — $102.40 per person who voted for Hansen.

Those numbers reflect the spending only from the latest reporting periods, so the final tally could be higher. They also don't count spending by unions and other groups that backed Hansen.